The LIVE album from the scurvy crew of the Pyrate Brigantine H.M.S. Sinkwell (aka "The Running Sore"), featuring 18 songs and many japes, jests and jabs.

A few samples to whet your appetite.....

1. South Australia

2. Santianno

3. Whiskey, Oh

4. Leave Her Johnny

5. A word from our sponsor.

The PyraTes can be seen in many venues around the area, and every weekend from August to October at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.
For more information, or to order their CD, visit the Pyrates Royale web page:
    The Pyrates Royale
    1767 Old Baltimore and Annapolis Boulevard
    Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Performance, Presentation and Original Material © 1998 the Pyrates Royale.
Recorded on location at the Royal Mile Pub and the Maryland Renaissance Festival by Big Bear Productions, Ltd. Mobile Unit Falls Church, VA